47th Coconut Grove Art Festival

The 47th Coconut Grove Arts Festival

By Irene Sperber 

Day One of the 3-day fest dawned windy and rainy, causing logistic anxiety amongst the Exhibitors. By Presidents Day the weather was perfectly scrumptious, and a good crowd comfortably meandered the stretch of booths. Along with myriad Visual Arts, one could bedeck themselves stylishly with the Wearable Arts: jewelry, hats, scarves, bags & clothing.


BEST OF THE BEST: Ben Johnson – Glass

BEST BOOTH: Steven Potts – Wood

BEST POSTER DESIGN: Maria Reyes-Jones – Painting

Many Artists reported record-breaking sales of any Festival to date. High praise, indeed.

H. Allen at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival

Photo/Irene Sperber

H. Allen Benowitz, Miami FL
Award winning Photographer