Flaming Rooster

Dalmatian Rooster

Back Story

The spawning of “Pride of Brickell” and the Dalmatian Rooster came about as a result of a fundraising project by Captain Robert Fiorello and fellow firefighters of Miami Firehouse 4 following his trip to NYC in order to bring funds in support of the 911 firefighters’ surviving families. When Captain Fiorello noticed “Pride of Brooklyn” on the sides of many fire trucks, it inspired him to adopt this theme as a wonderful way to instill pride and harmony amongst the fire team in Miami.

Firehouse 4 acquired a damaged fiberglass rooster purchased by the City Commission as part of its Art in Public Places commitment. After lying dormant in his garage for a year, the captain’s wife told him to take it out of the house. When it was returned to the station, the firehouse team effort to repair the rooster took the form of a Dalmatian with flaming tail feathers. Concrete for stability replaced the broken legs, covered by the captain’s fire gear, including pants, boots, cemented hat to cover the hole, and fireman’s gaff.

Many of the Hispanic firefighters learned their tile craft in Cuba and created the red and white mosaic shield. The international symbol of firefighters is the Maltese cross.

H. Allen Benowitz, Photographer