News & Events

The prestigious Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Chelsea, New York City, has selected me for representation of my fine art photography, joining the gallery's family of artists; the gallery will be promoting my work to their collectors and the media worldwide. An opening reception is scheduled for Thursday, September 10, 2015, 511 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York 10001.

As a result of winning the August 2014 "True Colors" Art Competition, I have also been selected by ArtQuench Gallery for national and international representation in its online gallery, welcoming me as a Resident Artist.

This pleasant development in my career is very gratifying, and it could not be possible without the support for my passion by my many friends and collectors over the years.

As reviewed by the curator of the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery:

"AMSTERDAM WHITNEY International Fine Art congratulates you on being accepted to our distinguished Family of Artists. Our Curatorial Review Committee was deeply impressed by your outstanding Photography Series which emblematizes the artistic essence of life and explores the spontaneity and drama of our world. We commend you on 'TULIPS' which reflects a visual intensity of NATURE.and a unique individual expression . Your impassioned lens in 'TIME WARP' creatively encapsulates a unique artistic vision with luminescent positive energy as it radiates a lyrical, poetic artistic viewpoint. We enjoyed your sterling visual voyage in 'DAMBULLA CAVE" with its sophisticated, compelling composition which reflects a unique sensitive "Third Eye." Your aesthetically absorbing 'BLACK LIGHT DANCERS 1' reverberates with a powerful interplay of light interacting with vibrant tonal combinations, as it is juxtaposed with a superb perspective. Your provocative oeuvre treasures our world with its eternal visual symbolism and embodies a timeless message while offering a powerful narrative. We salute you on your intriguing work which conveys the invisible within the visible and seizes the essence of the emotional and physical experience with a profound sensitivity to humankind. Your compelling photography reveals a timeless perspective and passionately captures the excitement and visceral quality of our universe. We are delighted to showcase your splendid Photography in an exciting 2015