Year In A Capsule

Year in a Capsule

To My Friends And Friends Who Love Art,

March 31, 2004, marked the conclusion of a seven-month exhibition of my photography at the Serious Studios.

During this past year I was fortunate to also have had exhibitions at theOne Ear Society, FAB Fest on South Beach, and the Washington Mutual Coconut Grove Arts Festival, as well as receiving national recognition for my work in Washington, D.C., at the Holland & Knight Holocaust Remembrance Project Annual Awards Dinner, hosted and honored by the Hon. William Sessions. "Behind The Wall," displayed below, was bestowed upon Michael Berenbaum, former director of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington as well as consultant to Steven Spielberg's Shoah Foundation in California. It presently hangs in his home.

The Children's Home Society of Miami was a beneficiary recipient of a percentage of the sales from H-AllenArt's first opening reception May 2003 at the Gallerie Vincent in Coconut Grove; H-AllenArt also sponsored a wine-tasting fundraiser for the National Court Reporters Foundation in San Francisco at its Midyear Conference April 2004; "Translucent Grapevine," displayed below in Tropicolor's website, represented the theme for this largely attended event.

My recent Africa/Afrikaans exhibition followed an adventure travel excursion with numerous friends from the Miami Ski Club on safari to South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana, and provided interesting new material, as well as a foundation for a future "Nelson Mandela on Robben Island" exhibition, depicting a segment of his life while imprisoned for 20 years during Apartheid off the shore of Cape Town. You will also be invited, later this year, to a new exhibition entitled "America/Amerikaans."

Sometime in the late summer-early fall, at a date to be determined, I will be pleased to announce a future exhibition of new and existing work at Books & Books in Coral Gables. This month I will be leaving on trips to Italy, and later this year to India, which are certain to provide beautiful and interesting new material for future events.

I wish to thank my family and many personal and business friends in the local and national court reporting, legal, videoconference, ski, and arts communities for your support this past rookie year during my entry into the photographic and otherwise arts world. Because of your encouragement, I have received personal gratification and attribution beyond my wildest expectations.

I will be taking a break from exhibiting over the next couple of months and will focus on new material for the early fall and winter season. I will, however, continue to share with you intermittent samplings of my work electronically, as well as that of my many artist friends.

Below is a sneak preview sampling of some of my new material on Tropicolor Photo's website. All but three represent photos not displayed previously and do not appear on; however, feel free to browse my website as well, for a more complete cross-section of my photography.